Allie Flinn
March 19, 2018 2:10 pm
E.l.f Cosmetics /

The even-on-both-sides cat-eye is elusive at best, impossible to pull off without consulting witchcraft at worst. The quest for the perfect flick can leave even the most seasoned makeup obsessive doubting their abilities. In short, we’re always looking for ways to create an easy winged line.

That’s where E.l.f Line And Define Tape comes in. Other brands have come out with their own versions of liner tape, and one popular beauty hack is to use plain old Scotch tape (yes, like the kind you wrap presents with). However, what’s unique about E.l.f’s version is that it rings up at only $2 for 40 strips. Not only is that enough to last you almost a month (assuming you’re using two strips per eye), but at $2, you don’t have to worry about going over your makeup budget for the month.

The product works exactly like it sounds. You peel off a strip of the tape and apply it, sticky side down, against your lash line. For a basic cat-eye, angle it from the outer corner of your eye up toward your brow and stick it in place. It’s honestly that simple.

After, apply your liquid liner (or pencil liner) of choice, using the tape as a stencil. Peel off the tape, and you’re left with an edge sharp enough to dice a butternut squash. You can also get creative with the tape placement to create a variety of looks.

You can buy the Line and Define Eye Tape online at E.l.f Cosmetics. For $2, you can’t go wrong.